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Top Tax Experts to Follow on Twitter

The massive set of changes to the tax code passed in late 2017 gave the accounting community a lot to chew on. In fact, several months after the changes, tax experts across the country still are finding new wrinkles and analyzing what everything means to individuals, charities, and businesses large and small. And many of these conversations are happening on social media.

Some of the best places to find a regular source of in-depth commentary are on tax blogs like these 10 we’ve featured. But small business owners can also find a lot of insight from various tax experts on Twitter – many of whom dole out both short-form information in tweets, as well as links to longer explanations about more complex tax issues.

The following are some tax experts to follow on Twitter to stay up on the latest tax news and insights.

7 Tax Experts to Follow on Twitter

  1. Accounting Today (@accountingtoday): Accounting Today provides independent news and information for tax and accounting professionals. Most posts will direct readers to the AT’s various posts, which include breaking news and analysis on topics such as tax law, accounting standards and wealth management.
  2. Avalara (@Avalara): Avalara is a cloud-based tax compliance service that offers solutions for transactional taxes such as sales and use, VAT, excise, communications and other types of taxes. Avalara’s account is a frequently updated batch of information and fun, ranging from news and analysis to videos of its employees’ ping-pong exploits.
  3. Brian T. Stoner, CPA (@bstonercpa): Brian Stoner is a Burbank, California-based CPA that’s frequently quoted on MarketWatch and CNN for his tax expertise, including about small business topics. Stoner’s Twitter account provides his own insights and others’, as well as links to video tax discussions.
  4. IRS (@IRSnews): This is the official IRS Twitter account, which naturally means links to various important IRS press releases and other tax information. That includes things such as collecting unclaimed IRS tax refunds to required minimum distribution information to the “Dirty Dozen” list of tax scams individuals and businesses need to watch out for each tax season.
  5. Nathan Clark (@NathanPClark): Nathan Clark is a partner at Dixon Hughes Goodman LLP that works in tax accounting methods. But his account isn’t just buttoned-up tax drivel. “Tax geek, beer consumer, dog lover, boardgamer, runner. Prone to extreme sarcasm and dry humor.” His tweets and retweets reflect all of this, covering not just the tax world but also his interests, making it an enjoyable account to follow.
  6. TaxBuzz.com (@taxbuzzonline): TaxBuzz.com’s social media account provides a variety of its own articles, and links to outside analysis, about various tax issues pertaining to individuals and small businesses alike.
  7. McManamon & Co. (@McManamonCPAs): Small and midsize business owners should pay close attention to our Twitter account, where we post both our own insights and outside analysis about tax, accounting and other business matters that are vital to entrepreneurs.

McManamon & Co. provides numerous small business services, including a robust suite of tax services ranging from simply filing to mapping out strategies to tamp down your tax liabilities.

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