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10 Tax Blogs to Follow in 2018

Taxes can be complicated and understanding them can be a headache. That’s why the internet is an invaluable resource, as it’s there you’ll find numerous tax blogs covering every issue under the sun, from small business tips to personal questions to updates on general policies.

The following are some excellent tax blogs that are free to read, and that can help you better understand your personal and business taxes.

10 Tax Blogs You Should Follow This Year

  1. AICPA Insights: This is the official blog for the American Institute of CPAs, which represents and acts as an advocate for more than 650,000 member CPAs. The AICPA Insights blog, which compiles posts from several members and other guest writers, is a wide-ranging source that offers not just business and personal tax advice, but even lifestyle viewpoints and entertaining financial tidbits.
  2. Avalara: Avalara is a specialty blog dedicated to all things having to do with sales taxes, which lately includes a lot of exploration into online sales tax for e-commerce merchants.
  3. International Tax Blog: Do you do business internationally? If so, there’s the International Tax Blog, where international tax attorneys take a shotgun-blast approach to discussing tax issues from across the world.
  4. McManamon & Co. Blog: If you own a small business, you’ll want to peruse more of the entries in our blog. Yes, we tackle tax issues that many smaller companies face, but we also discuss a range of other topics, such as business strategies, technologies, personnel and M&A.
  5. National Society of Accountants Member Connect: The National Society of Accountants is a heavily tax-focused blog that serves the member of the association dedicated to tax and accountancy professionals. The posts here are mostly newsy in nature, with updates on things such as annual tax dates and updated withholding tables.
  6. Tax Policy Blog: The Tax Foundation is an independent tax policy nonprofit whose stated mission is improving the world via shaping tax policy. Its Tax Policy Blog is a well-rounded mix of news and analysis about personal and business tax issues, as well as other timely offshoot topics (for instance, the blog discussed lottery withholdings amid the massive run-up in Powerball and Mega Millions prizes).
  7. Taxing Subjects: Taxing Subjects is the blog from Drake Software, which offers a number of tax preparation and accounting tools. This blog tackles everything from updates on mileage rates and tax scam alerts to tips on how to how to avoid identity theft.
  8. TaxProf Blog: The TaxProf Blog is run by Paul Caron, the dean of the Pepperdine University School of Law, and as that might indicate, it focuses heavily on issues involving tax law, as well as academic research. It’s also part of the broader Law Professor Blogs Network, which are edited by more than 100 law professors.
  9. TaxVox: This is the official blog of the Urban-Brookings Tax Policy Center, which itself is a nonpartisan think tank that analyzes tax issues. The blog is a compilation of thoughts from its researchers and staff that’s heavily focused on determining the effects (good and bad) of tax policies, such as Republicans’ recently passed tax legislation.
  10. TurboTax Blog: The TurboTax blog is, of course, tethered to the ubiquitous tax-preparation product, and thus has a distinct lean toward everyday personal and small-business tax issues. However, this is a very active blog that’s updated at least a couple times each week, so few tax-related headlines slip by.

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