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IRS IRIS Form 1099

Businesses: File Forms 1099 Online With New Free IRIS Portal

Just in time for the 2022-23 tax season, the Internal Revenue Service has launched a new online portal that should help small businesses cut down on time – and a few stacks of paper.

The IRS recently announced the Information Returns Intake System (IRIS), a free electronic filing service available to all businesses for filing of Form 1099 series information returns. Companies don’t need any software to access this secure portal, either — just log into the IRS’s online portal.

The portal itself acts as a full center of operations for 1099s. Businesses can enter, edit and view information, as well as download completed 1099s to be distributed. When ready, businesses can bulk e-file 1099s; as many as 100 forms can be uploaded in one .csv file. 1099s can also be e-filed by keying in the information.

IRIS Benefits

The IRS touts numerous features of its new portal, including:

  • Secure e-filing that protects information
  • Automatic detection of filing errors and alerts for missing information
  • The ability to correct information returns filed through IRIS, as well as submit automatic extensions
  • Acknowledgement of receipt in as little as 48 hours
  • Storage of any issuer information from any years that filers used the IRIS platform
  • A record of completed, filed and distributed 1099s
  • Eliminating trips to the post office
  • Furthering your paperless office efforts by reducing expenses for paper, postage and storage space

How to Access IRIS

Businesses must apply for an IRIS Transmitter Control Code from the IRS. Every person listed as an authorized user must have an account and an e-Services PIN. Just note that it can take up to 45 days to process the application.

If you’d like to learn more about applying or how to use the portal, you can check out IRS Publication 5717.

“The IRS is excited to offer any business, especially small companies, a great new way to electronically file their 1099s for free,” IRS Acting Commissioner Doug O’Donnell said in a release. “This simplifies filing for those issuing 1099s and helps recipients receive information timely.

“The launch of IRIS can help reduce the millions of paper Forms 1099 we project will be filed in 2023 and demonstrates our commitment to finding useful and innovative ways of reducing paperwork on the business community and others issuing 1099s.”

The portal represents just one of many tools the IRS provides taxpayers, including tax withholding estimators, IRS form instructions and a tip list for making filing easier.

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