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Driver’s License Number Needed for Ohio Individual Income Tax Returns

Many states, including Ohio, have put safeguards in place in an effort to thwart identity theft on individual tax returns.

For 2016 income taxes, Ohio is requiring tax preparers to include the driver’s license number of all taxpayers listed on the return. Many other states, including North Carolina, also ask for this information with the hope that refunds will actually be sent to the taxpayers and not someone who stole their identity.

An Ohio return can be filed electronically and accepted without a driver’s license number, but it will require a manual review, which could significantly delay the refund process.

Not all tax software firms have updated their organizers this year, so you may want to be proactive and provide your tax preparer with a copy of your driver’s license or add the information to the notes section of the organizer.

As a reminder, you should never email personal information such as your social security number or driver’s license number. Instead, send it through a secure portal or by regular mail.

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