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8 Great Tax Podcasts to Tap Into

Most of us suffer from the same problem: Too many things we want to learn about, too few hours in the day.

That’s why podcasts have taken off in popularity over the past few years. Whether you’re commuting, cleaning or or just relaxing, podcasts allow you to take in the news, entertain yourself or pick up some knowledge from engaging experts – all while keeping your hands free and your eyes focused on other things.

Better still, they have something for everyone, including tax enthusiasts. Indeed, at the moment, there are hundreds of tax podcasts for listeners to choose from.

Of course, taxes are a wide-ranging subject that can attract anyone from your average Joe to tax professionals. So one person’s must-listen might not do anything for the next person.

That’s the thinking behind this short list of tax podcasts, which includes a little something for everyone.

8 Great Tax Podcasts

  • The Tax News & Views Podcast: This tax podcast from Deloitte helps tax professionals chart their department’s futures by discussing advances in technology and the constantly evolving regulatory environment.
  • The Deduction: The Tax Foundation’s relatively new podcast helps listeners better understand the complicated worlds of taxes and economics. The podcast promises to cover topics from tariff impacts to trade wars, as well as who pays how much in taxes and why.
  • The Small Business Tax Savings Podcast: This podcast is dedicated to small business owners. Host Mike Jesowshek shows entrepreneurs how they can reduce their tax bills, “without all the fluff.”
  • PWC Tax Podcasts: PWC actually offers up a number of podcasts. For instance, “Tap into Tax” covers regulatory, legislative and technology hot topics, “Tax Function of the Future” includes perspective on tax’s role in the world’s business environment of today and tomorrow, and “Cross-Border Tax Talks” tackles international taxation topics.
  • Current Federal Tax Developments: This podcast, by Kaplan Financial Education, is geared toward CPAs. Every week, host Ed Zollars discusses topical issues – recent episodes have looked at inflation-adjusted tax numbers and tax provisions in the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act.
  • Talking Tax Podcast: This Bloomberg Tax & Accounting podcast covers a wide array of tax issues, from Capitol Hill to the IRS to the court system.
  • Retirement Tax Services Podcast: Host Steven Jarvis tries to help bridge the gap between tax pros, financial advisors and their mutual clients as they try to reduce tax expenses in retirement.
  • This Week in State Tax (TWIST): This KPMG podcast might be of interest to tax professionals who want to keep up-to-date on the latest state and local tax developments. KPMG’s Washington National Tax professionals host.

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