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7 Awesome Accounting Apps for Small Business Owners

The past decade or so has seen businesses get smaller in one important way: screen size. While for decades, most businesses relied heavily on traditional desktops and monitors to get things done, nowadays, work is getting done on mobile – and that even includes managing the books via accounting apps.

Sure, it might seem next to impossible to run a business’s finances on a screen that fits in your hand. But it’s not just possible – it’s prevalent. Depending on the survey, anywhere between 60% to 70% of accounting software providers offer at least one mobile app.

There are many excellent mobile and tablet apps out there that can help small business owners streamline their accounting responsibilities. The following are some of the top mobile accounting apps you should consider using, as well as some features they offer.

7 Accounting Mobile Apps to Consider


The company’s website says it all out front: “Corporate cards. Reimbursements. Receipt scanning. One app, all free.” The app offers unlimited receipt tracking and expense management, with tools such as credit card importing, multi-level approval workflows, corporate card conciliation, advanced tax tracking and even audit features such as automatically detecting duplicate receipts. This accounting app does have a free basic plan, with other, more feature-rich tiers running $5 and $9 per user per month.

QuickBooks Online

If you use QuickBooks, and would like to continue doing so while on the road, the QuickBooks Online mobile accounting app is built for you. The app allows users to do things such as send professional-looking invoices, capture customer signatures on invoices and estimates, snap receipt photos and reconcile bank and credit card transactions. The apps come free with QuickBooks subscriptions, which currently start at $12.50 per user per month.


This expense management app allows users to snap receipts while traveling via the mobile app. Its artificial intelligence platform will then extract all the pertinent details and turn it into an expense report. Rydoo isn’t a full-service accounting app, but it can integrate with other accounting software and enterprise resource planning systems. The company claims its app reduces time spent on expenses by 50%, and it boasts a 95% employee satisfaction rate. Plans start at $12/month.

Sage Accounting

Sage Accounting, which has two plans – at $10 per month and $25 per month – offers a full-service mobile app that allows you to track which customers owe you (and how much), record expenses on the go, manage stock on the go, add file and images to invoices, and much more.


Sunrise’s mobile accounting app is one of the best options for cash-strapped small business owners. You can easily match and categorize expenses, generate easy-to-read profit-and-loss statements and balance sheets, customize professional-looking invoices and more. And while small business owners can plug into a feature-rich plan at just $19.99 per month, those looking for simple, basic accounting abilities can get started for free.


Xero is another well-rounded accounting app that allows companies to pay bills, claim expenses, make bank connections, accept payments, track projects, manage payroll through Gusto and much more. Plans start at $12 per month, but higher-tiered plans add features such as bulk reconciling transactions and viewing in-depth analytics.

Zoho Books

Zoho actually provides a number of apps, but Zoho Books is the focused accounting offering. It allows you to raise sales orders, invoice, determine tax liabilities, categorize banking transactions and so much more. It’s also fairly inexpensive – especially for startups. Companies with less than $50,000 in annual revenues can use it for free, with standard plans for $50,000+ in yearly sales starting at $20 monthly.

What Are the Best Accounting Apps for You?

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