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4 Important Resources to Make Your Manufacturing Startup Successful

When you think of startup companies, your mind probably goes to a tech firm with a hot new app, or maybe a Korean-soul food fusion food truck. What you probably don’t think of is manufacturing companies. But manufacturing companies are a vital part of the American economy, and new ones still are popping up.

Manufacturing is a difficult industry, though, and it’s especially difficult for small businesses because of the 1-2 competitive punch of better-heeled domestic rivals and overseas players that typically can run their shop at much lower costs.

So where you can manufacturing startups turn to for help? If you’re trying to get a manufacturing business off the ground, here are a four resources to help you along your way.

Resources for Manufacturing Startups

1. LivePlan: If you’re in the really early stages of putting together a manufacturing company – namely, you haven’t even put together the business plan – there are a few companies and software programs that can help. These include LivePlan – online planning software that offers hundreds of sample business plans, including dozens covering the manufacturing space. Aircraft equipment makers, chemical labs, farm machinery manufacturers – these and many more are available. This is a subscription product, but you can try it month-to-month for $19.95 per month, or at lower rates for longer periods, with a 60-day money-back guarantee.

2. U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission: The CSPC is charged with promoting consumer-product safety via establishing safety standards, researching products and other initiatives. The CSPC unsurprisingly has a wealth of information on product safety that most manufacturers will find useful. There’s also a niche program worth pointing out: The Small Batch Manufacturers Registry – “the online mechanism by which Small Batch Manufacturers can identify themselves to obtain relief from certain third party testing requirements for children’s requirements.” Basically, if you produce children’s products and are just starting to get going, you may be able to save a little time on money in avoiding a few (but certainly not all) product testing. But even if this isn’t you, you’ll still benefit from visiting the CSPC’s resources site, linked above.

3. U.S. Patent and Trademark Office: Most people are familiar with the USPTO’s charge: helping people protect their intellectual property via things such as patents. Some people get into the manufacturing business because they have a very specific product or products they want to create – but that product is only as good as the paper protecting it. The USPTO has a thorough research center that tells you everything you need to know about patents, copyrights and other protections for your ideas, designs and products – and even things such as your company’s name, logo and other branding.

4. Your accountant: Most professional accountants are going to be able to give you at least basic financial assistance, such as tax preparation. But it does help to hire an accounting firm with industry-specific expertise.

Enter McManamon & Co.

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Being a “maker” isn’t easy, but we can help take some of the bricks off your shoulders. Call McManamon & Co. at 440.892.9088 or contact us online for help with your manufacturing or fabrication company.


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