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Fraud & Forensic Services

Fraud Deterrence

The best time to deal with fraud is before it occurs.

Through a fraud risk assessment, McManamon & Co. analyzes a company’s system of operations to identify risk areas so they can be better managed and mitigated. We also provide assistance with the design and implementation of fraud deterrence systems.

Fraud Investigationdetective

Fraud and corruption can happen to even the most well-run and closely guarded businesses. And it doesn’t just happen at big companies.

If you’re facing a fraud or corruption situation, you need expert fraud examiners and forensics accountants who can uncover the facts and get to the root of the problem.

McManamon & Co. understands your need for critical and time-sensitive investigations. Working with counsel, we can help you determine what happened, how much is at risk, and who’s involved, and identify recovery opportunities.

For assistance with fraud and forensic, please contact Jeff Firestone at jeff@mcmanamonco.com or 440.892.8900.